About Carey’s Camp

By the late eighteenth century a Methodist Society had been organized in this area. In 1888, two years after the construction of Carey’s Church, the first official Carey’s Camp Meeting was held in the grove adjoining the church. These first meetings, known as bush or basket meetings, were held under temporary shelters made of boughs lashed together. The Camp now consists of a series of cottages or “tents”; which circle an open frame structure called the tabernacle. Annual worship services are held here for two weeks during the summer. Carey’s Camp was placed on the National Register of Historic Places in 1973.


14 comments on “About Carey’s Camp

  1. When I was a little girl we used to stay with my great grandparents..(Rev. O’Neil and his wife Myrtle) I loved it..I am planning on making it this year, maybe I can find our family cottage?
    Racheal Elliott

    • I wish I could remember which tent was theirs but I’m sure you can find someone who will.
      We are so glad you will be there this year!

  2. I loved going there when i was a kid and I have taken my kids there once. My little girl use to always pray for “Jonathan the singer” when she was little. He was a singer there that night who was sick with cancer. Hoping to go back this year. My daughter is now almost 13.

  3. Dianne Colestock

    I heard so many wonderful things about Carey’s Camp and this year finally was invited to attend,
    what a wonderful experience. Am going the second time to see “The Reminders”. What a
    wonderful experience worshiping God in that particular setting. Sorry I missed for so many

  4. My grandparents Noble and Annie Downes never missed a Careys Camp session. She told me that back in the day it was quite the thing for a courting couple to parade around the camp We often stayed in a tent with relatives what a week of fun and Christ We used to sit on the porch to watch the service All the services resonated with Christ We kids then trundled to the loft to sleep If this is the same Dixie Melody Boys who were there in the 60s what a treat is coming

  5. Hey ya’ll,
    For several years I went with my dad (Stacy Carter) and the quartet he sang with The Pioneers to Carey’s camp. It was many years ago but still remember the houses having open fronts and the church services. I now travel and sing full time with my immediate family The Jay Stone Singers. We’d love to get to come sometime to Carey’s Camp!! Be blessed
    Bobby Carter

  6. I was wondering if any of the Carey’s buried in Carey’s cemetery are some of the ones who created Carey’s church or the camp.

  7. Everyone should experience a night at Carey’s Camp at least once during the session. What a blessing everyone receives, those that just come for an evening of worship and praise and those who actually stay on the grounds for the entire CC sessions to include VBS. What wonderful memories I have since being a small girl many many years ago. My grandparents had a tent near the confectionary and the food offered at the Boarding Tent were just terrific.

  8. Just curious if maybe my family was involved in the making of Carey’s camp. They were George W. and Mary Ann CArey, they’re daughter was Flora(Florence) Mae CArey. Just curious 🙂 please let me know thanks

  9. Our group used to sing at the camp we really enjoyed it at Carey’s we try to go at least once a year we wre the O’Day family

  10. My mom was working on a series of books about her family on the Eastern Shore when she passed away. She was able to get the 1st one published , My Family Quilt by Violetta Elrod, but left several of them still in progress. The 2nd book has many pictures in it and has a chapter about Carey’s Camp. I would love to include a picture from between 1930 and 1940 that shows how the camp really looked. Would anyone be willing to share? I would acknowledge the source of the picture in the book. Not sure how to “connect” with someone if they reply to this but I’m very hopeful.

    • Violetta,
      My name is Debbie O’Neal and I am a member of the Carey’s Camp Committee. This is my 2nd year as the music coordinator and webmaster. I’m sorry I didn’t see your comment sooner. If you could send me an email to careyscamp@yahoo.com I will see if I can find someone who may have pictures from 1930-1940.

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