Directions and questions

Carey’s United Methodist Camp is located west of Millsboro, Delaware on State Route 24 west, take a right on Carey’s Camp Road.  The campground is on Carey’s Camp road a mile on the right.  Click to see map.

For further information email:


9 comments on “Directions and questions

  1. Want to see about Booking a Gospel Group called Renewal…Donnie Abraham is the one to contact. I have posted the Video’s of the Group on my Facebook page.” And Donnie is a friend of mine who said he would love to come and sing in this area….Camp I hope or your church.

  2. Do we have to register for bible camp, We have 2 children that would like to come ages 8 and 11.

    • No registration required. Your children should come to the tabernacle Monday morning by 10 am.

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